torstai 2. syyskuuta 2010

Costume play

Okay, so, this entry will be in English, since I'm going to link it to deviantArt - I don't have the energy to list my cosplays everywhere.

Yep, costume list for year 2011 coming up!  And with PICTURES mothafuckas, so that you don't have to go and google every costume you don't know. PRAISE ME, PLZ.
So, without more babbling, here we go:

Kururugi Suzaku (Knight of Zero, artbook) [Code Geass] @ CosplayGala

Peter [Kuroshitsuji] w/ Circus-group

Peregrin Tuk [Lord of the Rings] @ Tracon & Ropecon w/ Merri, Sam and Frodo

Izumi Koshiro [Digimon] w/ Digimon-group

Akazome Kurou [FLAGS] w/ FLAGS-group

Firo Prochainezo [Baccano!] w/ Baccano! -group

Prince Christian [Black Knight] @ Tracon w/ Zeke

 Tweedle Dum [Heart no Kuni no Alice] @ Animecon w/ HnKnA -group

Kagamine Rin (Sandplay of the Singing Dragon) [VOCALOID 2] @ Kawacon w/ Sanplay -group

Adelaide [Hanna Is Not a Boy's Name] @ Desucon ?? w/ HINABN -group

So, there it is. The list of my costumes for the year 2011. Surprise, surprise: teenager boys and a couple of girls. (...although the other one is more of a woman than a girl...) I know, I'm early, having my calendar already full, but what can I do - too many costumes, too little time!
The only ones I'm worried about are Suzaku, Rin and Adelaide. Suzaku and Rin because they're hella hard (and because I'm seriously not fit to cosplay cute girls, bwwaaah) and Adelaide because. Well. Uh. These "gimme some thigggghhhhs babehh" cosplays aren't really my thing, but... She's such a kick-ass. ;__; And I just finished reading Hanna and OHMYFUCKINGGODIT'SAWESOME and my friends are having this group andandand, well, I just had to join them.

I had really nothing else to brag about but the costume list, so, well, I said everything I wanted to say. 'D As the finishing blow, I'll traumatize you all with a picture of my make up practise for Adelaide:

There you go. 8DD Crappy photoshopping is very crappy, I know!<3 I don't have contact lenses so I needed to use photoshop. And don't care about my super sexxxay pyjama shirt, I just threw my clothes to the laundry so I needed SOMETHING to put on... ''DD
My lipstick is actually darker than the picture shows. 8''<< Although it's not dark enough - Adelaide should have dark purple, mine is very light purple. Oh well. I have over half a year time to buy the stuff. I guess I'll manage, hehe. Snort.

Well, I'm out - I need to finish cleaning up this mess called my room, so that my mom will give me my monthly money and I can head to Lahti tomorrow. Whee. /o/

w/ love

/ F

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  1. Ooh, oletkos sie samassa ryhmässä kuin Hanna & Nanu sun muut immeiset tuohon Sandplayhyn? Onnea ja pakerrusta ensi vuodelle! Paljon mukaisia cosseja siultakin tulossa.

  2. Klisia, olennnnpa hyvinkin. :'D Nanu vähän värväsi siihen kun ne alkoivat suunnitella sitä samaan aikaan kun olin siellä ja kuola valuen tuijottelin sitä pukua siinä sitten. XD Hur, kiitos. *w* Onnea tarvitaan. 'D